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Denied Life Insurance Claims


People are usually surprised to discover that life insurance companies can deny claims for many different reasons. This information is not typically revealed by an insurance agent who will gain from selling a life insurance policy to you. In fact, most people believe that when an insured passes away, the beneficiary receives a payment of the full amount of proceeds right away. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case. Like most businesses, life insurance companies are motivated by profit, having a strong financial incentive to collect premiums but later deny as many life insurance claims as possible.

To discourage beneficiaries from pursuing a wrongfully denied life insurance claim, life insurance companies will mail complex denial letters. Life insurance companies know that you are likely unfamiliar with the life insurance contract itself, or with your rights as the beneficiary.

Some common reasons that insurance companies will use to wrongfully deny your life insurance claim may include the following:


Misrepresentations on the Application for Insurance Regarding Age, Employment and/or Income
Failure to Disclose Minor or Immaterial Pre-Existing Medical Condition on Application for Insurance
Failure to Disclose Medical Appointments or Regular Check-Ups on Application for Insurance
Failure to Disclose Unknown, Incorrect, or Unofficial Medical Diagnosis on Application for Insurance
Failure to Disclose Medical Condition Requiring Future Treatment and/or Surgery
Failure to Disclose Prior Alcohol, Drug, or Tobacco Use on Application for Insurance
Failure to Disclose Criminal History on Application for Insurance
Accidental Death Related to Medical Condition or Not Independent of All Other Causes
Accidental Death Actually Self-Inflicted and/or Caused by Alcohol/Drug Use or During Commission of Crime
Accidental Death Not Occurring Within Specific Time/Date of Disabling Accident
Accidental Overdose Caused by Failure to Take Medication As Prescribed
Policy Not Active Due to Death Occurring Prior to Effective Date of Insurance
Policy Not Active Based on Period of Limited Activity Exclusion
Independent Investigation Based on Suspicious Cause of Death
Insufficient Evidence to Show Heart Attack or Failure to Meet Precise Definition in Policy
Independent Medical Examiner Disputes Evidence Provided by Claimant, Physician, or Coroner
Change In Health After Policy Lapse Due to Nonpayment
Change In Health Condition Prior to Effective Date of Insurance
Handwriting Expert Claims Signature on Application for Insurance Does Not Match Signature of Insured
Failure to Elect and/or Qualify for Employment Coverage
Failure to Convert Employment Coverage to Individual Policy Within Specific Time Period
Insurance Company Not Responsible for Agency Misrepresentations and/or Errors
Insured Not Resident of United States on Date of Death
Failure to Properly Change and/or Record Change of Beneficiary
Policy Lapse Due to Depleted Cash Value and/or Unreasonably High Premiums, Fees & Costs
Policy Lapse Due to Nonpayment and/or Failure to Notify Insurance Company of Address Change



Many insurance companies have large legal departments prepared to defend wrongfully denied life insurance claims, which can discourage a beneficiary from hiring a Life Insurance Attorney, appealing a denied claim, or filing a law suit. If your life insurance claim has been denied, do not give up. Let us provide you with a free no-obligation consultation. Take advantage of our free case evaluations with RAXTER LAW, and call us today.


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